Circadian Echoes (2018)

A 30 day collection of sky colors. 

Medium: Dye-sublimation on aluminum
Dimensions: 62x74in
Commission: ArtVale Gallery

Exhibition: Regeneration
Location: ArtVale Gallery, Oakland, CA, USA
Dates: 11.30.18—02.16.2019 
Circadian Echoes is a series of abstract visualizations that considers the nature of digital photography through its relationship to documenting time. Each Echo is generated with colors recorded from photographs of the sky at particular locations on specific days.

Through a recursive process of data collection, sky colors are digitally photographed, cataloged, and then reduced into their most simplistic form: 5 - 7 representative pixels. These truncated images are then regenerated and re-expanded into new forms: abstract visualizations that act as a record of time, space, and medium.

The series is an exercise in the exploitation of digital photography—manipulation of a documentarian tool by reducing the form into its most elemental technical parts. By preserving only a handful of pixels from the original photographs, Circadian Echoes takes the fundamental building blocks of digital photography and subverts them. The result is a visual record of the tensions between perception (of the self and/or of the camera) and reality.

The final works are printed on aluminum using a dye-sublimation process.

Developed as part of the Regeneration Artist Residency in Oakland, California.

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