Circadian Echoes (2018)

A 30 day collection of sky colors. 

Medium: Dye-sublimation on aluminum
Dimensions: 62x74in
Commission: ArtVale Gallery

Exhibition: Regeneration
Location: ArtVale Gallery, Oakland, CA, USA
Dates: 11.30.18—02.16.2019 
An ongoing series of abstract visualizations that considers alternate methods of documenting time. Each is generated with colors recorded from the sky in a particular location on a specific day.

Through a recursive process of data collection, sky colors are digitally recorded, cataloged, sampled into swatches, and regenerated into abstract visualizations with the resulting forms acting as a record of both time and place. The final visualizations are meant to suggest a tension between perception and reality.

Printed on aluminum using a dye-sublimation process, the conscious act of moving between these two spaces is considered.

Developed as part of the Regeneration Artist Residency in Oakland, California.

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